Autumn Wreath


Something about the fall gets me in an extra crafty mood!  We recently listed our home for sale and have been having house showings and open houses, so I thought what better time to freshen up the look of my entry way than now!  After all, it’s the first impression people get of your home. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to do something along the lines of a wreath…  Have you shopped for pre-made wreaths lately? Holy Cow! Talk about expensive!  I went to a “discount home” store recently and found them ranging between $60 and $185! And that’s supposed to be a discount! Get outta here!  So, I popped into my local craft store and for under $25 picked up supplies to make not only one, but 2 wreaths! (Don’t you just love coupons?!?)

Whether you are selling your home or just getting into the spirit of fall, this wreath is sure to spruce up your front door!  But, the technique I am about to show you can be used for any time of year… If you want to make a Christmas wreath, just change out the ribbon. If you want to make a spring wreath, go with some pastels… This is where you get to be creative.  And if you aren’t the creative type, no worries, just follow along and you’ll do just fine!

Here are the supplies you will need…

Once you have collected all your supplies and have your work space ready to go, you will be done in no time flat, I’ll show you how I did it!

Now it’s time to add on the ribbon.  We will start with the main ribbon with the fall pumpkins.

Now onto making your fancy bow…

So here is where we are at so far!


Once your main ribbon and bow are done, add on your secondary ribbon.  I wait until after the bow is done because I like to know exactly where to place the accents.

First I secure the ribbon to the back of the wreath.

So all I do here is go around in the opposite direction of my main ribbon and pop the accent ribbon into every other bubble opposite of the ones the main ribbon was in, like so… And then I secure in the back with pins again.

Now for my special little embellishment…

So here is what it looks like with out the monogram… still pretty!


But… I went one step further…



Now my door will be beautiful straight through Thanksgiving! Yay!


Autumn Wreath

1 16″ hay wrapped wreath

1 spool 2.5″-3″ wired printed ribbon

1 spool 7/8″ sparkly gross grain ribbon

1 10′ roll 21″ metallic mesh fabric

1 box straight pins

1 sparkly acorn embellishment

1 wooden monogram letter

metallic craft paint, bronze

1 small disposable sponge brush