Secure the Batman symbol onto the fabric and press firmly.

Batman Pencil Case


My son is starting to really love super heroes!  I think his new blooming love is super cute.  So when it was time to find him a pencil case to put in his new Superman backpack, I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t find one I liked.  Naturally I decided to make him one myself.  After thinking about it a bit, I decided to keep it very simple.

In less than a half hour’s time my son and my godson both had Batman Pencil Cases to carry not only their pencils, but crayons, markers, erasers and much more!  I must add, we are using this case as a pencil case, but it can totally be used as a snack bag or a lego travel case, a superhero party gift bag, a matchbox car carrier or a little girl’s pocketbook if you add a ribbon! Some felt sheets, some glue, a zipper, a sewing machine and scissors made for a super cute super hero pencil case.

Check out how I did it!

I pulled up an image of the batman symbol on google images and traced right on my computer being sure the symbol was about 7″ long.  Then I pinned the paper right to the yellow felt and cut out the outter oval first.

Fold the pinned fabric and paper.

Start cutting the middle to allow for cutting out the traced design from the inside.

Once the Batman symbol is cut out of the yellow felt, set aside and work on the case itself.

Use a 9″ zipper.

Pin the zipper down to the edge. Be sure to face the zipper in like so.

Sew midway in to the zipper edge. You will want to use a good heavy duty thread, like a quilting thread.

Once one side is sewn, pin to the next piece of felt.

Open the zipper and sew along the middle again.

Once both sides are sewn on, turn the zipper and sew the zipper horizontally to secure.

Once the zipper is properly sewn on, turn the fabric right side out and sew the remaining three sides. You will want to keep about 1″ from the edge all the way around. You want to start and end from start of zipper and end of zipper.

You will have excess fabric.

Cut off excess fabric around the three sewn sides.

You will have just a small trim all the way around.

Use a good fabric glue.

Because felt is the fabric here, be sure to put plenty of glue on the back of the Batman piece.

Secure the Batman symbol onto the fabric and press firmly.

Materials needed:

  • 2 black felt sheets
  • 1 yellow felt sheet
  • 9″ black zipper
  • fabric glue
  • quilting thread
  • scissors
  • sewing machine