Make Money for the Holidays with Direct Sales


Preparing for the holidays is a big job.  There are some very fun aspects and there can be some stressful aspects.  Who doesn’t love baking cookies, Christmas music on the radio and decorating the tree while sipping hot cocoa?  Then there is shopping and parties and all the pricey food and drinks… in comes the stress if you are short on cash.

November is the time we take to prepare for the holidays.  One of the best ways to have a stress free holiday is to bring in some extra cash!  So, today’s post is sponsored by three direct sales companies that make it easy to pocket some extra Christmas money by doing something that works for your personality.

Today I will highlight Pampered Chef (tools for cooking and entertaining), ItWorks (cosmetic nutrition supplements for healthy living) and Jamberry (fun manis and pedis on a sheet).  Take a look, you may just find you can really identify with one of them!

It Works Global 

itworks2Our information from ItWorks is provided to us by Representative Laura Mistler:

It Works is a Cosmetic and beauty company that has all that you needs to a better looking and feeling you. We run specials and am so excited for you to see the Christmas special that we have available.for you.


I felt like I was dying. Went to several Doctors, took several tests and nothing! All I did was sleep most of the time. One day I got on Facebook and saw this stuff my great-niece had on there about It Works and Wrapping like a Rock Star. I contacted her and we got together (me crying). I told her my problems. We went over what I needed, heck, I had tried everything else with no results, and with no hesitation purchased as a loyal customer because there was no obligation and if it didn’t work I could cancel. With in 2 days I was living again. I couldn’t believe it. So I decided to sign up and be a distributor to help others. IT REALLY DOES WORK!

I started out with the it’s vital vitamins that are all made by natural herbs. Next on my order was the greens. The greens are great for almost anything and you can drink them in water or a juice you can also mix it with a freezie from Taco Bell. I purchased the fat fighters and that blocks any of the side that is in your food so that it doesn’t go to your hips and waist it goes through your digestive system and out. The next on my list are the wraps you put a wrap on and constantly drink water while it’s on, you wear it up 245 minutes and you can wear it longer and it works on your body for 72 hours. These tighten and tone your skin and also helps to diminish stretch marks.

How You Can Get Involved:

This is such an amazing product and I want to share with everyone. I’m sure you know someone, friend, family member or maybe yourself, who wants to look and feel better.

There are benefits of being a Loyal Customer. You sign up on a autoship and you get the products at my cost. Free shipping and handling. You can also be a distributor, sign people up under you and make money. There a lot of people wanting to work from home, whether it be a single parent, don’t want to pay someone to raise your children while you are working and paying them or what ever your reason may be. Go to my website and see the products we have. All natural herbs. Nothing artificial. You can make good money. It’s up to  you.  Go to my website at and if you would like to see before and after pictures, Friend me on Facebook at Laura Mistler (make sure you mention this blog) and I will guide you to it. Thank You and God Bless.




jamberry3Our information on Jamberry comes from representative Tanya Patnaude:

Hello you amazing followers of the Portuguese American Mom,

 First a Big thank you to Stacy for sharing my story with you.  I have to be one of her biggest fans.  Love seeing what she is going to share next.

My name is Tanya and I am a consultant with Jamberry.  I absolutely love Jamberry and our product line.  Being a consultant with them was not even on my radar when I began.  I was just an enthusiastic customer.    I love when I just leave a salon  or just do  my nails at home.  They look so polished and put together.  I felt pretty and put together.

Then my real life starts…  Laundry, dishes, carpools, work and all the other things that go with being a mom and wife.  So within a couple of days (if not hours) my newly polished nails would start to peel and chip.  They would actually become dull!   And honestly finding time or justifying the money along with a consistent visit to the saloon never made sense.  Kids always need something…  new cleats, backpack ripped and they need new one then there are numerous field trips and activities. Ultimately they and their needs are my top priority. I’m sure you all have been there and know what I mean.  But, I still wanted my hands to look pretty.

I had heard that Jams were a solution to my “I just want to feel like my hands are pretty” problem.  A consultant explained to me that for $15 dollars I could get two manis and  two pedis and they would last 14 days on MY nails, 6 weeks on my tows.  So, I thought to myself “Ok right, sure they will”.  I was a pretty big skeptic, but I figured, hey I can’t leave the nail salon without spending at least 4x that much for just a single mani and pedi, what could it hurt?  BUT then… they did, they actually lasted!  And a bonus I could have this awesome design to change up with on my mood and the holidays.  I was hooked.

A short time later my consultant approached me about joining her team.   I t didn’t take long for me to see how this was a great way to earn extra spending money.  The company is amazing.  Offers a competitive commission and bonus program as well as incredible prizes.  One of my favorite parts is I could run my business solely on the Internet and catalogue parties.  I did not have to schedule any more hours outside the house.  I already felt I was working too many nights missing the family and their events. So I took the plunge and it with out a doubt has started to change my life as well as my family’s.  I have been able to cut back my hours at work, meet some awesome friends through my business and without sounding cliché found a piece of me I was missing.   My attitude and self-worth has completely changed.  I have now decided to take my business to the next level.  Building life long customers and building a team.  My ultimate goal is to leave my job fully to be able to be available for my family and never miss another game or concert again.  I’m excited and I know my goal is achievable with Jamberry.   I would love to share Jamberry with all of you.  If you are interested in getting great nails at a great price , fabulous Christmas gifts, hosting a Facebook party to earn Jams for FREE or looking to earn extra money please reach out to me and I will be more than happy to talk with you.  As a special offer through The Portuguese American Mom anyone who books a Facebook party with me will receive a $25 dollar Gift Card! Anyone who makes a purchase will receive a free half sheet of Jams as a Thank you!  Happy Holidays to All!


The Pampered Chef


Information on The Pampered Chef is brought to you by yours truly, the Portuguese American Mom, Stacy:

The Pampered Chef is a company that offers top of the line tools for cooking and entertaining.  The company is now owned by Warren Buffet, but was originally founded in Chicago in 1980 by Dorris Christopher.  Her goal was to sell high quality cookware without a store front, but rather through in home gatherings.  She sold $7,000 in her first year and the company took off from there.  The Pampered Chef is now a multi-million dollar corporation offering that same quality Ms. Christopher offered 35 years ago!

As many of you know, as you are fans of my blog, I love to cook, bake and entertain!  Doing these things is my way of not only taking care of my family, but nurturing and caring for them.  My 3-year-old son asks me on a daily basis if he can cook with me.  Just yesterday we baked bread, seasoned some chicken and baked up some cookies (his favorite, m&m cookies of course!). This is what I want to instill in my children, a love for coming together and the eventual independence that will come from having good life skills.  My Pampered Chef tools allow me to do this with ease.  I have been collecting and using Pampered Chef products for years.  So, naturally my products made their way here onto my blog through the pictures in my recipe tutorials.  Pampered Chef products are what I use in my kitchen, so it’s what you see when you follow along with one of my recipes.  That got me thinking.

Since I am naturally displaying my Pampered Chef products for all of you, why not make them available to you all.  If you look above to my tool bar you can see my shoppe where you can access my on-line catalog and my personal Pampered Chef website.  There you can book a party whether on-line or live (if you are in the Southern New England area) or find out more about the opportunity to become a consultant like me.  Anyway, I digress… So as you can see, I signed up to become a consultant and am now part of a great team. AND Pampered Chef is one of those product lines that really sells itself.  In my first month, I made nearly $1000!!! Holy cow! Not to mention I won a prize and got $200 in Pampered Chef dollars to spend on whatever I need.  Of course new consultants can make more or less, but my passion for this product line really shows through and it is reflective in that first pay check! My goal right now is to have a bill-free Christmas, but next year I’ve got my sites set on the trip I am going to earn as a consultant and maybe even as a Director!

If you or someone you know would be great at selling Pampered Chef, just contact me either here, through my Facebook page, Stacy’s Pampered Chef or through my personal Pampered Chef website. Here are the basics though… when you sign up, you pay a greatly reduced rate for a kit.  You will receive those items which are a sample of some of the products we offer along with an apron, a bag and some paperwork like catalogs and order forms.  You will also be eligible to start-up a personal website of your own to manage your business and take orders.  From there you decide if you want to be an on-line only consultant, a live consultant who goes to people’s homes for cooking demos and freezer workshops or if you want to do a combination of the two like I do.  You will have me as your upline and so I (with my upline director’s help) can guide you through personal trainings as well as on-line and virtual trainings. I belong to a really rocking team and would love to make you a part of it!  So, let me know if you are interested or if you just have some questions anytime!



Jack-o-lanterns --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Don’t be SPOOKED by buying a home… getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be SCARY!

Don’t be SPOOKED by buying a home… getting a mortgage

doesn’t have to be SCARY!

Jack-o-lanterns --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Jack-o-lanterns — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

So, when you’re ready to start looking into buying a house, what’s the first thing you should do?                           


Your instinct may tell you to start perusing house listings and call a real estate agent; but how do you know what mortgage program will work best for you?  How much can you spend?  What costs are involved other than the price of the home?

couple meeting with female LO (2)

By spending an hour with a mortgage professional, you will learn the following:

  • Your credit score and identify credit issues (if any)
  • Mortgage programs available to you
  • The amount of money you will need for a down payment
  • Establish a price range for your new home
  • Closing costs involved and how to save money on them

You will leave that appointment armed with knowledge that will make you a much more informed buyer.  Having a pre-qualification will establish your credibility as a buyer with real estate agents and with potential sellers.

knowledge power-01

This is the information your mortgage lender will need to know in order to get you prequalified.

  • Annual gross income
  • Balance in your bank accounts
  • Balance in 401K/Retirement
  • How much you want to use for a down payment
  • Credit score and credit history
  • All debts and liabilitiesThe best lenders explain all the options available to you and will give you feedback on how to manage your credit profile.


If you are serious about buying a home, you need to…

  • Stay Current: Make timely payments on all existing debt
  • Stay Consistent: Continue to use credit/debit cards as normal
  • Stay Informed: Join a credit watch program
  • Stay Connected: Speak with your mortgage professional if you have any questions

An informed buyer is empowered.

  • Know what you can afford
  • Know the costs of a mortgage
  • Know what you need for a down payment

The more you know, the more prepared you are, and the more smooth the transaction!

Don’t fall in love with a home you can’t afford, be prepared – get prequalified!

Post sponsored by Lori Medeiros, Senior Loan Officer with RMS

Medeiros web ad



z herald news

Fall River Herald News: ‘Portuguese American Mom Blogger Shares Family Recipes’

z herald news

I would like to thank Linda Murphy and Jack Foley of the Fall River Herald News for coming out to hang out with me in my kitchen.  I had a great time cooking with them and enjoying lunch!  Loved sharing how I do what I do every day with them and the article Linda wrote was really great.  If you are local, it came out in today’s Fall River Herald News and the Taunton Daily Gazette and if not check it out on-line!


Bodo de Leite Parade


This is my absolute favorite parade of the year… The Bodo de Leite Parade is a time to really see Azorean culture on display and celebrated! It’s like a party in the street, and when Portuguese people throw a party, we throw a party!  There are costumes and music, livestock and floats, and food and drinks all around! The Great Feast of the Holy Ghost is held in Fall River, Massachusetts each August.  The parade on Saturday starts at the “Portas de Cidade” (“Gates of the City” – a replica of the gates in Ponta Delgada, St. Michael, Azores) and ends at Kennedy Park where the feast itself takes place. This is only one of the many events that takes place each year, there is also a big Procession, which is a religious type parade, on Sunday where anyone who has held a Holy Ghost week in their home is welcome to participate whether through their church or a Holy Ghost Society, hence the name “The Great Feast of the Holy Ghost”  (If you will recall, I wrote about the Holy Ghost Feast at my church earlier this summer.)

At most parades, kids love picking up the candy that is thrown out to them from parade floats, I know my kids do.  And they loved doing that at this parade too… but, that is far from where the handing out of food stops.  Onlookers at this parade can expect to be handed out sweet bread and milk which is where the idea for this parade really all started, like a sort of Portuguese Halloween to celebrate the harvest… But, it doesn’t stop there, this year we were able to sample beer and wine freely poured by several passing floats and servers that walk along the parade route too!  As for food… that gets cooked as the floats pass by, grills are propped right onto the flatbed trucks that are carrying the beautiful displays of our heritage… We enjoyed grilled fish, chourico, cooked corn kernels, steak, and hot dogs and watermelon for the kids.

The Holy Ghost tradition is about giving back to the community and feeding the poorest of the poor, so all can enjoy the blessing of the Holy Ghost.  This thought process is deeply rooted in the Portuguese mindset and is reflected in the works of the participants of this parade.  Yes, it’s a great time, but it’s so much more than that, and it’s truly wonderful to see.  When you are Portuguese, it is hard to forget your Catholic roots because it is all around you and events like this one really bring that home.  When my parents and grandparents and parents before them grew up in St. Michael, wealth was far from plentiful, people made do, but community and that spirit of giving, I believe, was a big reason they did.  I am so happy to share all of this beautiful history and heritage with my children each year and expose them to this spirit of giving and celebration of our culture.


Cold beer right from the tap!

Shared with friends and family.



The tradition of the bride and groom leading the procession.



When my mother talks about attending the feast of the Holy Ghost in her village as a child, she lights up when she talks about this vendor... each village would have a candy vendor... Candy was not so readily available when she was a child and it was an expense they were not afforded very often...

When my mother talks about attending the feast of the Holy Ghost in her village as a child, she lights up when she tells me about this vendor… each village would have a candy vendor… Candy was not so readily available when she was a child and it was an expense they were not afforded very often… These handmade candies were a real treat for a child who was lucky enough to get one!

My two with my Godson enjoying the parade and having fun!

These people are marching with sweet bread as an offering to the Holy Ghost and all these baskets of sweet bread will be cut up once they arrive to the feast and served to all.


This is a very good friend of mine, MarkPaul has been in the Nosa Senhora de Luz Band since he was a kid (ahem that’s over 20 years now)





Animals of course play a big part in this parade… Dairy farmers are a big part of the economy in St. Michael, but animals were traditionally utilized for farm work and for transporting goods from village to village… I can remember being on a trip to St. Michael with my grandmother when I was 11 years old and hearing the fish vendor come through, then the bread etc… This was in the 1980’s, not so long ago.

Chickens and bunnies!  This is very much an interactive event, children are encouraged to participate as they are encouraged to participate in all Portuguese events!

The sense of community and love is abundant as friends new and old get to see each other.

The sense of community and love is abundant as friends new and old get to see each other.

This is a replica of my father’s childhood church from Rabo de Peixe, his village in St. Michael.

This is not disimilar to the vendor carts that would troll the streets...

This is not dissimilar to the vendor carts that would troll the streets…



Now onto the food!



Look at that grill right up there on the float!

Some fun!

Some fun!

Even the cars get dressed up and bring sweetbread to the feast!

And that’s all she wrote, it was a great time, we really enjoy it every year!  Can’t wait to see it again next year! If you don’t already, you should think about checking it out!


Now onto the nighttime entertainment at the feast, the Marc Dennis concert!


\The Marc Dennis concert held on the feast grounds!

Thousands of people came out to see him well into the night.

You can buy one of Marc Dennis’ most popular albums here, Marc Dennis ‘Superman’

I don't often let my kids stay up this late, but there are just some things they need to experience.

I don’t often let my kids stay up this late, but there are just some things they need to experience.

I hope you enjoyed my take on this wonderful cultural experience!


The Holy Ghost Feast at Espirito Santo Church, Fall River, MA


My parents, along with thousands of other Azorean people, moved to the New England area in the 1960’s when the “gates” of this country were open to emigration from Portugal.  With those thousands of people came churches.  With the people and the churches came traditions steeped in history.  As a little girl, I grew up knowing these traditions like most kids knew the Saturday morning cartoon line up.  The tradition of the Holy Ghost feast, and everything that comes along with it, has been dotted throughout every summer of my life.

My earliest memories of the Holy Ghost feast at my church, Espirito Santo Church in Fall River, MA, was of walking in the procession on the Sunday of the big feast.  My mother would make me a beautiful white satin gown adorned with golden roping.  My feet were placed in white thread hand crocheted socks and stuffed into white paten leather shoes.  We would always start the procession walking on a beautifully decorated road (a carpet of flowers, colored wood shavings and pine needles), that would inevitably turn my beautiful white shoes different colors.  We would walk throughout the “Flint” area of the city passed family and friends, Portuguese shops, bakeries and jewelery stores.  My mother and Vavó would always be looking on from the sidewalk somewhere along the route and my father would always march in the procession as he still does today, now toting my brother along with him.

The procession would lead to a mass at the church that was then followed by the opening of the feast for the day. There you could find food, lots and lots of food…  My Dad would roast some Carne Espeto (shish-kabobed beef) over an open pit of fiery coals.  We would eat the salty meat with bread and french fries and favas, grilled chicken and sardines and always, always top it off with the best malasadas in the entire city (Portuguese fried dough).

The feast always had music and games too… The music was a combination of traditional marching band music, traditional folk music and more modern Portuguese stage music later at night.  The games were of the carnival variety with booths full of donated items from parishioners that were won by games of chance.  My favorite was always these little white squares of paper that were rolled and bent and one out of every 25 or so would have a number printed on it with a corresponding prize.

The Holy Ghost feast is celebrated not only in my little childhood church in Fall River, MA, but in Portuguese Roman Catholic churches and Holy Ghost Clubs throughout the state, the region and anywhere you can find a large Portuguese community.  If you look you will find Holy Ghost feasts in the Azorean Islands of course, but also in Hawaii, California, Martha’s Vineyard, Connecticut, throughout Canada and Bermuda.  So, what does all this mean?  Where did all these traditions come from?  Well, it all started with Queen Isabella of Portugal in the 1200’s.  She decided to humble the kingdom by finding the poorest man in the country and crown him king for the day.  He would literally wear a crown and sit on the throne and a banquet would be given in his honor. Two hundred years later when the Azorean Islands were populated by the Portuguese, they carried this tradition with them turning the royal crown into a silver ballooned crown we now know as the Holy Ghost crown.

Today the greatest symbol of the Holy Ghost is that silver crown.  For seven weeks leading up to the feast, known as Domingas, the crown is brought into someone’s home and that family will open their home to parishioners who gather each night of the week to say the rosary and pray for the poor and sick.  At the end of these Domingas the feast of the Holy Ghost takes place… a three-day festival that begins on the Friday night just before the Seventh Dominga, the “Blessing of the Meat and Bread,” in which a portion of beef and bread — the “Pensao” — is blessed by a priest and distributed to each member present. Following the tradition of charity and feeding the poor, a bowl of soup or stew is served to everyone. On Saturday night, participants decorate religious statues and crowns in preparation for the Sunday Procession and Mass. Differing from the original man in the 1200’s, a woman is chosen to represent Queen Isabel, and she and her court join a procession. At the end of the Mass, the priest crowns the Holy Ghost Queen.

Here are pictures of the procession:

Here are some highlights from the feast itself:

There is nothing better than passing on these traditions to my children.

There is nothing better than passing on these traditions to my children.


The PA Mom Interview on “Britaini Armitage, the Blog”

So excited to let everyone know that I was interviewed by fellow blogger and friend, Britaini Armitage for her website, “Britaini Armitage, the Blog”.  Britaini is a talented new writer who has just published a novel (that we are reading this month in my book club) called Darkest Light (The Light of the Magi, Book 1).  She has also recently started this blog… Each week Britaini features a new up and coming writer/blogger.  This week she is featuring me!  Take a look!

The Portuguese American Mom Interview by Britaini Armitage