Chili Cheese Dog (with the works!)


It’s Championship weekend here in the states and football is on the minds of every fan!  And to go along with any good football game is good “football food”.  I don’t think there is another sport that has food and gatherings so closely associated with it than football.  There is football tailgating, there are home parties and there are just regular sit around the t.v. with some buddies gatherings all requiring beer and “football food”.

Hense, I bring you the Chili Cheese Dog.  It’s so simple, yet soooo good.  Using my recipe for “Chris’ No-bean Chili” these dogs are a snap to make and can really be made to order.  Just set out a crock pot of steamed dogs and another of the chili and set out the fixin’s and you’ve even got a great hot dog bar.  No muss, no fuss. This way, just because you like good football food doesn’t mean you miss the game! woo hoo!

A great hot dog bar can include: chili, shredded cheese, mustard, ketchup, soaked minced onions, maybe a cheese sauce, chopped jalapenos, black olives and pickles or relish.  Get some good fresh buns, good quality dogs and you are in business!

Take a look at this Chili Cheese Dog with the works!

Start with your favorite kind of bun… Being in New England we use the New England style bun here with the sides cut off making for a softer bun and easier to grill should you choose too.

Steam some hot dogs. You could also grill, but I prefer a juicy steamed hot dog.

Now we start to build. Place your dog in your bun.

This is where we start to at “the works”! Start with a nice yellow mustard.

Then add-on some no-bean chili. I am using “Chris’ No-bean Chili” here.

Spread on a sloppy amount of chili.

Now freshly grate some cheddar cheese, which should melt on top of your hot chili.

And to finish off “the works” you can add-on some water soaked minced onions. Yum.

Chili Cheese Dog (with the works)

Serves 6-12


12 hot dogs

12 New England style buns (or your favorite)

2 cups Chris’ No-bean Chili, prepared

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 cup water soaked minced onions (optional)

mustard (optional)


Steam hot dogs. Soak onions in water for at least 1/2 hour.

Place hot dog in bun.  Add mustard.  Add chili. Add cheese. Add onions.  Serve, enjoy!

*note – to make gluten-free, use a gluten-free hot dog bun and be sure to follow the gluten-free adjustment when preparing Chris’ No-bean Chili