Strawberry Hair Bow


Little girls love hair bows!  I wish fun things like this were around when I was a kid! Handmade hair bows are all the rage right now.  This is something really fun to do with your daughter, granddaughter, niece or any little girl you have in your life this spring break or summer vacation!

Here’s how I did it:


Gather your supplies. You will need two plain clips, one length of polka-dotted pink ribbon, one length of green ribbon with a white stitch accent and one length of black sparkly ribbon.


Clips. I ordered these in bulk on-line… But any craft store will have them or something similar.  I use these specifically because my daughter is a year and a half old and her hair is still baby fine and these hold great!


Next, measure your black ribbon. To do this open the clip and place the ribbon along the full length of the inside of the ribbon and allow for enough ribbon to run along both the top and the bottom of your clip and be sure it is able to come right around to the squeezy part of the clip.

apply black

You’ll want to run glue along the inside of the clip first. Then pop the ribbon in being sure not to close the clip until you have the ribbon in place or you will glue everything together, not fun. Then continue along the top and the bottom and finally at the end where the squeezy part is.  Your entire clip should be encapsulated with ribbon at this point both inside and out.

green twist

Next, you will want to build your leaves and your berry. Here is the shape you should make your leaves into. Place a dot of glue to secure.

twist pink

For your berry. Cut a small piece of ribbon to cover about 1/2 the size of your clip when folded in this shape.

glue pink

Now, fold over and place a dot of glue forming this shape.  Then, up with the other side and place a dot of glue there.

apply green

Your clip should have a piece that lifts up higher than the rest. (where the squeezy thing is) glue your leaves on like so.

glue for pink

Add glue to secure the berry like so.

apply pink

Now, secure your berry.

glue down green

Next, cut into your green ribbon as shown here.  Then, place a dot of glue at the top in order to fold down the green ribbon.

turn down green

This is what you should have now.

add jewel

Add a rhinestone to the center of your green, and you’re done!




(makes 2)

2 clips

1 green ribbon with white stitching

1 pink polka-dotted ribbon

1 black glitter ribbon

2 rhinestones

hot glue


ribbon fraying stuff, optional